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Main Street, Dunkineely, County Donegal, Ireland


  1. Pet Food Industry
    1. Mince (naked blocks various species)
    2. Emulsion 4mm (naked blocks various species)
    3. MDM/boneless (naked blocks various species)
    4. Fish Skins (block frozen of whitefish or salmon)
    5. Salmon or Whitefish Trimmings/Fillets (block frozen)
    6. Salmon or Whitefish or Pelagic Fillet dice IQF (in Cartons)
    7. Prawn/shrimp IQF (in cartons)
  1. Angling Bait Market (pics needed)
    1. IQF Whole Sprat, Mackerel, Herring, or Scad.
    2. Block Frozen Whole Sprat, Mackerel, Herring, or Scad.
  1. Commercial Bait Market
    1. Whitefish Frames (block frozen)
    2. Pelagic Frames (block frozen)
  1. Horticulture & Golf Courses (pics needed)
    1. A line of products for enriching soil for horticulture and golf courses is currently in development.